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Thank YOU for being magical~

I've had this idea rumbling around in my head for a few years now and had actually made the mould to cast this mid last year and had the little plaque laser cut in September or October 2017. This week I finally got to putting one of these together as a surprise gift for a friend!

It features an Arduino trinket and neopixel ring that fits into the base of the trophy that can be plugged into a usb creating a rainbow glow effect.

The Star Guardian Lux staff had was printed from my 3D model, sanded and cleaned up then two part moulded and cast in a clear resin. Unfortunately I don't have a chamber to properly degas the resin there were a few small bubbles. This was also the first time I tried a different ultra-clear resin called Super-Sap (typically I use Clariti or Easycast-Clear).

The base was 3d modeled, printed and cleaned up. Painted black and dusted with silver glitter for that little bit of extra magic.

See more pics in my Propmaking Gallery! For a quick build I'm really happy with how cute it turned out.

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