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Press-Play Adelaide

Press-Play Adelaide last night was great! It was lovely to catch up with friends here and meet fantastic locals. In addition to it being my first Adelaide event, I had the privilege of helping judge the Championships of Cosplay round which was ridiculously cool (also the closest I've ever been to one of the medals :p)! Thank you to JusZ Cosplay and Sean for being our delightfully brilliant hosts and JoAnne for being an incredible judge with me! Congratulations to The Dingo Ate My Cosplay in her who was the winner of the Adelaide round with her Eriodna costume from Kings of the Realm. Her work was absolutely beautiful and everywhere you looked was another tiny detail that had been considered. Seriously, you should follow this maker. Thank you to T_T Costuming and Floksy Locksy Cosplay for letting us poke and prod at your fantastic costumes and getting to see the incredible effort that went in to your builds. It was great to run through all the components and seeing everything up close. Finally, thank you to Oz Comic-Con and everyone who contributed to the wonderful night! And.. well.. I guess I live in Adelaide now!

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