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2017 in quick review

Was feeling a bit sad the other day thinking I hadn't achieved very much this 2017 and then sat down to overhaul my website and went through the projects that I've worked on... Turns out there was a TONNE of stuff this year, just very little on it was for myself!

I'm very thankful for the opportunities and projects I've been a part of and the incredible friendships that I've made through them.

Below are some of the pieces I had the pleasure of working on during the year.

Have some quick random stats: Full Cosplays Completed: 2 - Divine Soraka and Mercy 3D Models: 16 complete models "Fun" Small Side projects: 7 build projects (eg: Leona's sword, Valeera's Dagger, Mercy Wing Pattern Project) Staves made: 6 (Lulu, Mercy, Soraka, Divine Soraka, Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn) Prop guns: 4 (Lightning Gun from Quake Champions and 3 original design space guns) Sleep lost: So much. Longest single embroidery project: ~20 hours for Ashe's Cape and over 4km thread

Thank you everyone who has joined the crazy ride here, stopped to say hi and stuck around this year! I can't wait to see what 2018 brings!

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