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2017 Personal Projects List

New year "new" cosplay list! (almost all of these are from last year's list...) I only typically get 2 large costume builds finished for myself per year so here's what I'm currently looking at to work on! - Overwatch: Mercy - Costume is currently 70% complete, that last 30% is new wings and flexible chestplate. - Diablo 3: Wizard - Going to be combining some of the different artworks for my version of the Red Wizard! Pretty excited to go to town with my embroidery machine and make cool magic props. - League of Legends FANART - Loiza: Lunar New Year Irelia - Costume is currently at 30% complete, have to resize the dress which I built most of last year and continue the jacket + props. - League of Legends: PROJECT: Leona - Very much a dream project. Have purchased samples and I'm dying to make the sword so that might pop up as a one off build later. - League of Legends - Vi - ONE DAY. Probably not this year.

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