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Gamescom was insane! It was the first international convention I had been to and it blew every Australian event out of the water. There is nothing remotely close to the scale of the event in Australia and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend with Gwendoleen Cosplay and Libjumper Cosplay!

I got to meet a whole bunch of international cosplayers who have inspired me over the years and I'm so proud that DJ Sona was well received (even if I could only wear her one day D;). I nearly died when Papa Cosplay said he had seen my Sona helmet video and photos with the deck. Jessica Nigri was absolutely adorable and fun to chat with, Lightning Cosplay blew my mind at with her Logitech G hero outfit and Shappi Workshop was genuinely one of the sweetest people I met across the weekend! Seeing Kiilys Cosplay in person was phenomenal while she was in her Pharah costume - the crowd went ballistic when she was on stage with her mechanical wings which was epic. Gwendoleen and I grabbed a photo with the lovely Kamui Cosplay while she was hiding as a regular person in the crowd and we had a quick chat about my helmet and Aion costume which was very cool! It was very funny seeing the reactions saying that I was from Australia (one security guard at the Legion Cafe was horrified when I said we just squished red back spiders that lived under our chairs in the back yard). Both the Blizzard cosplay and Defcon Unlimited cosplay competitions have made me itching to make things and up my game! I didn't envy the judges on either comp. I wish I had more luggage space so I could come home with a bag full of cheap materials..

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