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Building a Photon Projector for Blizzard

Two weeks of speed building a commission for the gorgeous Team Alithia to have at the official Blizzard Overwatch Launch Celebration Event in Sydney!

Started out with a 3D model that I made quickly and then printed the three arm sections. Next up I covered the prints with Worbla's Finest Art (so the finish would be uniform and durable across all the pieces for the weapon) and filled and sanded the components into smooth oblivion.

The handle is carved insulation foam and the two white sections on the handle of the gun are detachable to hide the battery pack.

All the pieces were filled and sanded until it was silky smooth and then the final assembly was completed! The three arms are fixed into slots and are secured in place with bolts.

Pretty pleased with this quick build! Shout out to Cam's Random Builds, Pandemodia Cosplay and Gaming and Blondiee for helping with the insane hours of sanding to get the build done in time!

For more detailed images please click here!

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